Sylogist Ed (formerly Wengage) Instructions

If you need login assistance or a password reset, please email Sheryl Mansard from your OPS email account.
Next, you will see tabs across the top that look like this:
You can access many of your pay-related items by selecting the corresponding tab. 


TAB 1 - My Info

This will show your name, employee ID number, address, phone, email, date of birth, hire date, and the details of the tax filing status you selected on your current W-4 form. ***If you see any outdated information, please submit a change request form in Frontline.

TAB 2 - Pay Info

Pay Info This tab allows you to access your previous pay information, also known as your "pay stub." Simply click on the  down arrow to  the  right in the box marked "Pay Period."  Select and click on the pay period you wish to see and it will open. You can then export this as a PDF or Excel version if you would like to print your pay stub. To export and print, click on this symbol to choose your format.

TAB 3 - Leave Balances

This is where you can see your remaining allowable days of leave. You will need to check Frontline for the most current Leave balances.  This location usually runs about a month behind the tracking done in Frontline.

TAB 4 - Education / Certification

This is where certified staff can see the degree OPS has on file and the applicable certifications including certificate expiration date(s).

TAB 5 - IRS e-Consent

This tab is where you can select to receive your W-2 electronically at the end of the year. If you have chosen to "e-Consent" (receive your W-2 electronically), then you will have access to your W-2 anytime you need it.

Once e-Consent is chosen, you will see a box titled "Select Tax Year" with a down arrow to the right. Simply click on the down arrow and select the year to print your W-2.


We strongly suggest you set this up at the time you are hired in order to access your W-2 as soon as it is prepared. Many people wait and then forget to select this before the end of the year. This means they will have to wait until they receive their W-2 in the mail before preparing their taxes. However, if you do forget, you can still log in and select e-Consent at a later date.


Tab 6 - Forms / Documents

This is where employees can update W4s, Direct Deposit, and/or Address changes.  This is also where employees will sign contracts and other pertinent documents sent by Owasso HR.