Owasso Public Schools is one of the largest school districts in the State of Oklahoma.  The OPS School System incorporates seventy-two square miles including territory in Tulsa and Rogers Counties.


Enrollment has grown to 9,100, served by 15 instructional sites, including nine elementary schools, 6th Grade Center, 7th Grade Center, 8th Grade Center, Owasso High School, and the Owasso Ram Academy. With continuing improvements at our school sites, Owasso Public Schools is working to meet the needs and provide for the safety of our growing student population.

Owasso residents believe that education is the key to their children's future. Our schools and community are working together to provide the children with quality educational opportunities that will prepare them for a prosperous future.


Our Mission
Our Mission is to provide a safe environment that equips, educates and empowers Owasso students on their journey toward outstanding character and success.

How do I enroll my child in Owasso Public Schools?
Our Enrollment Center staff will help familiarize you with Owasso Public Schools and provide you with helpful information to acquaint you and your family with Owasso.

Please visit the Enrollment Center page on the OPS website for information about enrollment and enrollment requirements. If you are enrolling a student at OPS for the first time, please visit the New Student Enrollment page and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Our Enrollment Center staff is happy to assist you with any questions that you may have during the enrollment process.
Owasso Public Schools Enrollment Center
202 E Broadway, Owasso, OK 74055
Phone: 918-274-1904
Fax: 918-274-1905
Hours: 7:30 a.m.—3:00 p.m., Monday—Friday

What are the boundaries for Owasso Public Schools and how can I find out which school my child will attend?
The OPS website features an interactive map that shows families what schools their child will attend as well as bus number and bus stop location in your neighborhood. Enter your address to see if your residence is within District boundaries. If you have questions or would like to confirm that your address falls within the District boundaries, please contact the Enrollment Center.

Additional Links and Information

Owasso High School
Grades: 9-12 (East Campus 11-12, West Campus 9-10)
East Campus Address: 12901 E. 86th Street N.┃Owasso, OK 74055
East Campus Phone: 918-272-5334
West Campus Address: 8800 N. 129th E. Ave.┃Owasso, OK 74055
West Campus Phone: 918-274-3000
Principal: Mark Officer -
Assistant Principals: Michelle Baker -
Ryan Cooper -
Katharine Giffhorn -
Mitch McGrew -
Karah Whiddon -
Curtis Whiteley -
Ram Academy
Grades: 9-12
Address: 202 E. Broadway┃Owasso, OK 74055
Phone: 918272-8040
Principal: Mark Officer -
Associate Principal: Dan Clark -
Owasso 8th Grade Center
Grade: 8
Address: 13901 E. 86th Street┃Owasso, OK 74055
Phone: 918-272-6274
Principal: Alton Lusk -
Assistant Principal: Leighanna Davis -
Owasso 7th Grade Center
Grade: 7
Address: 1400 N. Main┃Owasso, OK 74055
Phone: 918-272-1183
Principal: Eric Nantois -
Assistant Principal: Erin Fivecoats -
Owasso 6th Grade Center
Grade: 6
Address: 8101 N. 129th E. Ave.┃Owasso, OK 74055
Phone: 918-274-3020
Principal: Kira Kelsey -
Assistant Principal: Matt Roberts -
Ator Elementary
Grades: PK-5
Address: 1500 N. Ash┃Owasso, OK 74055
Phone: 918-272-2204
Principal: Jennifer Hawkins -
Assistant Principal: Melody Egger -
Bailey Elementary
Grades: PK-5
Address: 10221 E. 96th Street┃Owasso, OK 74055
Phone: 918-272-5399
Principal: Ashley Hearn -
Assistant Principal: Lisa Welter -
Barnes Elementary
Grades: PK-5
Address: 7809 E. 76th Street N.┃Owasso, OK 74055
Phone: 918-272-1153
Principal: Rylee Zaragoza -
Assistant Principal: Eric Romine -
Hodson Elementary
Grades: PK-5
Address: 14500 E. 86th Street┃Owasso, OK 74055
Phone: 918-272-8160
Principal: Sara Vann -
Assistant Principal: Dawn Testa -
Mills Elementary
Grades: PK-5
Address: 8200 N. 124th E. Ave.┃Owasso, OK 74055
Phone: 918-272-2288
Principal: Gina Metcalf -
Assistant Principal: Jeff Paul -
Morrow Elementary
Grades: PK-5
Address: 12301 N. 132nd E. Ave.┃Collinsville, OK 74021
Phone: 918-928-4050
Principal: Tiffani Cooper -
Assistant Principal: Tyler Martin -
Northeast Elementary
Grades: PK-5
Address: 13650 E. 103rd Street┃Owasso, OK 74055
Phone: 918-272-0015
Principal: Michelle Million -
Assistant Principal: Jennifer Holloway -
Smith Elementary
Grades: PK-5
Address: 12223 E. 91st Street┃Owasso, OK 74055
Phone: 918-272-5162
Principal: Patrick James -
Assistant Principal: Nick Hughes -
Stone Canyon Elementary
Grades: PK-5
Address: 7305 N. 177th E. Ave.┃Owasso, OK 74055
Phone: 918-274-1634
Principal: George Holderman -
Assistant Principal: Anne Cates -