Public School Advocacy

Owasso Public Schools is dedicated to advocating for the empowerment and advancement of public education. As strong believers in the power of education, we stand firm in our commitment to ensuring that every child has access to high-quality, equitable, and inclusive public education. We strive to champion the vital role of public schools as cornerstones of our communities, fostering academic excellence, social equity, and democratic values. 

Owasso Public Schools “Legisl8tive Priorities”

Owasso Public Schools' legislative priorities are an outline of our commitment to advocating for policies that support student success, teacher empowerment and community engagement. From securing funding for innovative educational initiatives to promoting policies that prioritize student well-being and academic achievement, we aim to shape legislative agendas that reflect our dedication to providing exceptional education for every student in our district.
Here are our “Legisl8tive Priorities” for the 2024 Oklahoma legislative session:
  1. In favor of preserving Oklahoma Academic Standards.

  2. In favor of “annual” funding increases for teacher salaries, support employee salaries, and operational costs with sustainable funding sources applied directly to the Oklahoma education funding formula.

  3. In favor of equal accountability for all educational entities receiving public dollars and opposed to any attempts to divert public funds to non-public entities.

  4. In favor of legislation to address the current teacher and support staff shortage.

  5. In favor of local control with educational decisions being made by locally elected Boards of Education and eliminating unfunded mandates.

  6. In favor of Board Member and Bond Issue Election schedules remaining the same.

  7. In favor of revamping the A-F report card, specifically eliminating chronic absenteeism.

  8. In favor of the six (6) State School Board Appointments being changed to “equal” selections by the House, Senate, and Governor, with each appointee having public school educational experience and specified length of appointment.

Owasso PLAC Logo

The Owasso Parent Legislative Advocacy Coalition (OW-PLAC) is sanctioned by the Oklahoma PLAC, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. It is a non-partisan group of local parent volunteers who unite to support and advocate for strong public schools, recognizing that a strong public school system benefits the whole community, and it especially benefits our future, our kids.
The mission of the Owasso PLAC is to lead the way in building positive relationships with teachers, administrators, and legislators, to inform the Owasso community about legislation that could impact our neighborhood schools, to educate/refresh our community on the legislative process, and to equip and empower parents and teachers to engage the elected officials that represent us.
Owasso PLAC is not sponsored by Owasso Public Schools nor is funded by any organization, company, or political entity. It is simply a group of parents who volunteer their time. For more information regarding the Owasso PLAC, please visit the group’s Facebook page.
Several state senators and representatives preside over the territory that covers the boundaries of Owasso Public Schools. For your convenience, we have listed those individuals below. If you are unsure of who your representative is, you can use the Find My Legislator tool on the Oklahoma State Legislature website.
Should you wish to find or track the status of a proposed bill, you can do so using the Bill Search function.

Oklahoma Senate

Sen. Ally Seifried
District 2
Sen. Dana Prieto
District 34

Oklahoma House of Representatives

Rep. Mark Lepak
District 9
Rep. Monroe Nichols
District 72
Rep. Mark Vancuren
District 74