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Owasso Dale C. Johnson Education Servce Center

Dale C. Johnson Education Service Center

Owasso Public Schools is one of the largest school districts in the State of Oklahoma. The OPS School System incorporates seventy-two square miles including territory in Tulsa and Rogers Counties. We are located just north of Tulsa, Oklahoma, divided north to south by Highway 169.

Enrollment has grown to 9,900, served by 15 instructional sites, including nine elementary schools, 6th Grade Center, 7th Grade Center, 8th Grade Center, Owasso High School, and the Owasso Ram Academy. With continuing improvements at our school sites, Owasso Public Schools is working to meet the needs and provide for the safety of our growing student population. 

The Owasso School District provides excellent physical facilities and equipment to support a quality program that meets the educational requirements of the students. School buildings and auxiliary facilities afford maximum safety, protection of health, and accommodations to the physical conditions of those who use them.

In addition to the excellent teaching staff, every school has a qualified counselor and a media specialist. Owasso Public Schools also has eight, full-time registered nurses and six health aides to provide health services and accommodate the needs of the students in the system.

The City of Owasso’s proximity to Tulsa provides its citizens with employment in a major metropolitan area, yet retains the benefits of small-town living. Our community has experienced tremendous growth in the last 10 years. Owasso continues to grow towards the north and east with many new subdivisions being developed. 
Owasso residents believe that education is the key to their children's futureOur schools and community are working together to provide the children with quality educational opportunities that will prepare them for a prosperous future.