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Student Technology Insurance Program

The Student Technology Insurance Program has been established to provide parents the opportunity to purchase insurance for 1:1 student devices. The insurance program covers the costs of replacement due to theft and repairs of damaged Chromebooks or chargers.

  • Insurance claims of theft require an Owasso Police Report, signed by a parent/guardian.

  • Lost Chromebooks or chargers will not be covered by insurance.

  • Acts of intentional damage will not be covered by insurance.

  • Undamaged, malfunctioning chargers will be replaced free of charge.

  • Insurance premiums are nonrefundable and will not be prorated.

  • Insurance can not be purchased to cover prior damages or theft.

The cost of the insurance coverage is $25. All students approved for free or reduced lunches will be provided insurance automatically at no cost. Coverage will begin on the date of purchase. Students may purchase insurance through the Parent Portal for $25 anytime during the school year, but only after the assigned Chromebook has been inspected to ensure it is not damaged. Coverage expires on the last day of the summer break following the school year the insurance is purchased, regardless of when the insurance is purchased.

The insurance program is voluntary, but families are highly encouraged to participate. If insurance is not purchased, parents/guardians will be responsible for the full cost of any repairs or replacements of Chromebooks or chargers. Chromebooks are drop resistant. However, we suggest the use of a case of your choice.

Insurance Coverages

Insurance will cover the cost of replacement due to theft and repair costs of the assigned Chromebook and/or charger per the following schedule:

  • 1st incident - 100% coverage of unintentional damage or theft.

  • 2nd incident - 50% coverage of unintentional damage or theft.

  • 3rd incident  - 0% coverage.

The parent/guardian will be fully responsible for any costs not covered by insurance.

Repair/Replacement Costs

  • Chromebook - $200
  • Internal Cables - $20
  • Accessory Port - $25
  • Charger - $20
  • Trackpad - $30
  • Cover(s) - $20
  • Screen - $25
  • Hinges - $20
  • Web Camera - $10
  • Keyboard - $40
  • Bezel - $20
  • Trim Cover - $10

Updated June 2023