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State and National Assessments

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Requirement

Each state, in consultation with LEAs (Local Education Authorities), must implement a set of high-quality academic assessments in mathematics, reading or language arts, and science that measures the achievement of ALL students and are aligned with state academic standards. 

States may provide alternate assessments for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities; however, the state must ensure that for each subject, the total number of students assessed using an alternate assessment does not exceed one percent of the total number of students assessed in each subject.

States must provide an annual assessment of English proficiency for all English learners. States may choose to exclude English learners who have been enrolled for less than 12 months from the reading or language arts assessment.

Oklahoma Assessment Strategies

  • aligns to Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS)

  • provides a measure of comparability among other states

  • yields both norm-referenced and criterion-referenced scores

  • has a track record of statistical reliability and accuracy

  • sments administered in high school

  • high technical quality

Please visit the National Assessment of Education Progress website for more information.