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Site Contacts

Please reach out to one of the following contacts at your student's school if you have a question or concern regarding bullying.






Lacy Hall

Email Lacy Hall

Nicole Burkhardt

Email Nicole Burkhardt



Tiffanie Palmer

Email Tiffanie Palmer

Kristen Pike

Email Kristen Pike


Phone: 918-272-1153

Rylee Zaragoza

Email Rylee Zaragoza

Cassie Sory

Email Cassie Sory


Phone: 918-272-8160

Dawn Testa

Email Dawn Testa

Kaci Warren

Email Kaci Warren


Phone: 918-272-2288

Gina Metcalf

Email Gina Metcalf

Shawnda Kirchman

Email Shawnda Kirchman


Phone: 918-928-4050

Tyler Martin

Email Tyler Martin

Heather Christopher

Email Heather Christopher


Phone: 918-272-0015

Michelle Million

Email Michelle Million

Jean Carlisle

Email Jean Carlisle


Phone: 918-272-5162

Nick Hughes

Email Nick Hughes

Brittany O'Hara

Email Brittany O'Hara

Stone Canyon

Phone: 918-274-1634

George Holderman

Email George Holderman

Roxanne Hinther

Email Roxanne Hinther

6th Grade Center

Phone: 918-274-3020

Matt Roberts

Email Matt Roberts

Mattie Kennon (A-L)

Email Mattie Kennon
Lark James (M-Z)

Email Lark James

7th Grade Center

Phone: 918-272-1183

Eric Nantois

Email Eric Nantois

Terri Vaughn (A-K)

Email Terry Vaughn


Caitlin Grimsey (L-Z)

Email Caitlin Grimsey

8th Grade Center

Phone: 918-272-6274

Ryan Cooper

Email Ryan Cooper

Ginger Jacobson (A-L)

Email Ginger Jacobson


Jennifer Callaway (M-Z)

Email Jennifer Callaway

High School

West Campus Phone: 918-274-3000

East Campus Phone: 918-272-5334

Tiffani Cooper

Email Tiffani Cooper

West Campus

Kassie Dyson (A-G)

Email Kassie Dyson

Emily Drake (H-O)

Email Emily Drake

Aimee Martin (P-Z)

Email Aimee Martin


East Campus

Virginia Davis (A-G)

Email Virginia Davis

Stephanie Curfman (H-O)

Email Stephanie Curfman

Becky Copeland (P-Z)
Email Becky Copeland

Ram Academy
Phone: 918-272-8040

Katherine Giffhorn

Email Katherine Giffhorn

Jill McCormick

Email Jill McCormick