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Odyssey of the Mind

WHAT IS OM?            

OM stands for Odyssey of the Mind; Oklahoma Odyssey of the Mind (OK-OM) is a creative, problem-solving competition involving teams of 5 to 7 students. The students select a problem from among five different problems to solve. The problems are designed for working in the arts, creative writing, physical science, technology, the humanities and more.  As a team, students plan and work toward a solution to present within 8 minutes at competition. At competition, teams also compete in a spontaneous problem, not known to the students or coaches ahead of time. This spontaneous problem is designed to challenge teams to “think on their feet.”


What are the major benefits of the OM program? OM fosters group and individual creative problem-solving which involves vital challenges and learning experiences such as developing trust, leadership, initiative, cooperation and communication skills. The members are encouraged to be supportive of each other as they take risks offering unique ideas to solve the problem at hand.  Odyssey of the Mind is at both the Middle School and High School level.


  • Develop creative thinking abilities
  • Increase student ability to apply known principles and facts to “hands-on” situation
  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn how to use the creative problem-solving process
  • Develop and utilize the skills of all team members
  • Develop and use local resources 
  • Develop and use research skills
  • Exercise and use higher-order thinking and critical thinking skills, especially analysis, synthesis, and evaluation
  • Have fun while learning all of these very important skills