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Advanced Placement (AP)

AP is a rigorous academic program built on the commitment, passion, and hard work of students and educators from both secondary schools and higher education. AP classes provide students with college-level rigor while still in high school. Students may earn college credit through a score of 3 or better on AP course exams and or advanced standing in college. Other benefits may include:

Favorable College Admission Impacts

  • Students who take AP courses signal colleges that they take education seriously and that they are willing to take challenging and rigorous coursework.
  • 85% of selective colleges and universities report more favorable college admissions experiences for AP students.

Financial Benefits

  • Research demonstrates that students who complete AP courses and exams are much more likely than non-AP peers to complete a college degree at the end of four years.

Skills & Confidence

  • AP classes teach students essential time management and study skills needed for college and career success.

  • Because AP students dig deeper into subjects that interest them, they learn to tap into creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

*A complete list of AP course offerings can be found in the Secondary Course Guide.
**For additional information about AP, please visit the College Board website.