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IE Team

Indian Education Coordinator - Owen Hawzipta

Administrative Assistant - Annie Marsellis

Secondary Academic Advisor - Wendy Stokes

Secondary Academic Advisor - Vickie Graham


Elementary Academic Advisor - Diana Carey

Elementary Academic Advisor - Meshelle Barnhart


Title VI Mission Statement

To promote and build the connection for cultural diversity among students, parents, school staff, and community.  Along with this, to assist and ensure each American Indian student enrolled in the Owasso Public School system has access to the educational and cultural opportunities to help them attain academic success and personal growth – therefore preparing and encouraging future achievement.

Title VI Parent Committee Officers

Pamela Blakestad - Chairman

Kami Townsend - Vice-Chair

Lynette Isaac - Secretary

Heaven Kupiec - Member

Deanna Henderson - Member

Kim Zoglmann - Alternate Member

Zena Lewis - Teacher Rep

Sarah Townsend - Student Rep


JOM Mission Statement

The mission of the Johnson O’Malley Program for Owasso Public Schools is to support all qualified American Indian students in developing and achieving academic, cultural, social and personal goals by providing available resources of financial assistance, awards, scholarships, grants, guidance and leadership, thereby opening the opportunities that will enrich their life’s journey.

JOM IEC Parent Committee Officers

Kami Townsend - Chair

Pamela Blakestad - Vice-Chair

Brandie Hines - Secretary

Lisa Byers - Member

Gwen Wright - Member

 Joyce Roberts - Member

Heaven Kupiec - Member