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The Owasso Public Schools nurses provide many important services.  Our nurses’ many responsibilities include the following:


  • Vision and hearing screenings conducted in grades PreK-5 yearly and those in the 4-year old program; screenings on request by staff or parents of the students in other grades.
  • Health history obtained on students through initial enrollment.
  • Employ the nursing process to make professional assessments of students who are injured or ill.
  • Assisting parents to select the most appropriate medical resources for referral.
  • Offer health counseling to parents, students, teachers, and staff regarding various disease processes, affecting student population.
  • Monitor medication administration and develop policy and procedure.
  • “On call” for all student emergency situations.
  • Establish Individualized Health Plans for each student with a chronic health need.
  • Assess students for substance use using the Nurse Assessment.
  • Vision and Hearing every 1-3 years for IEP students.
  • Completes medical procedures or provide training for skills requiring a professional nurse (i.e. gastrostomy feedings, catheterization, Tracheostomy care, suction, oxygen administration and adjustment, nebulizer treatments, intravenous administration of medication, assessing blood sugar status using a glucometer, assessing the need to utilize controlled medications for seizure activity).
  • Assist teachers and other students to better understand the individual with special conditions, such as diabetes, seizure disorders, respiratory disorders, and physical or mental challenges.
  • Train Para-professionals in health care for students.
  • Train secretaries, principals, and other staff designated to perform the task of medication administration and first aid.
  • Referral source for teachers, students, and staff for health education needs.
  • Train and certify bus drivers and their assistants, teachers, nutrition services, and students in CPR and/or first aid.
  • Infection Control @ nurses discretion 
  • Present classes for students on various health topics:  Targeting
              5th graders – Growth and Development                             
              7th graders – HIV/AIDS Prevention Education by STAY team
              8th graders – Coordinate STAY training
              9th graders – Drug Education/Prevention
              10th Graders – HIV/AIDS Education
              OHS – Coordinate Drug Education presentations
                                 Victims Impact Class
                                 Pregnant/Parent Class
                                 Tobacco Education Class                             
              Alt Ed. – Coordinate Drug Education presentations
                                 HIV/AIDS Education for student body
              Staff - CPR certification for all Transportation personnel, 
                           Nutrition Services and required staff.
                                 Drug Education for all personnel
                                 Bloodborne Pathogen education for all personnel
                                 Paraprofessional staff development:
                                    diabetic education, medication administration, etc.
                                 Maintains and distributes medical supplies for all
                                    schools and offices.
                                 Staff in-services regarding Infection Control Issues
                                    and practices as needed.
Peer Education:  

STAY Team: Sponsor and teach peer education to STAY trained students.  
                  Students offer HIV/AIDS education to 7th and 10th grade and
                  perform various education opportunities to community and other schools.

  • Coordinate Drug Free/Safe School Committee meeting.
  • Assist with policy development for Drug Use and Safety issues.
  • Coordinate Drug Education.
  • Work with community agencies for referrals and education.
  • Conduct Tobacco Education Class for students referred for discipline reasons.
  • Develop emergency protocols unique to multi-handicap students.
  • Develop policy and procedure unique to health services.

  • Consult with special education staff concerning students needs and medical records.
  • Serve as a member of the IEP team as needed.
  • Supervise and implement immunization laws.
  • Prevention and control of communicable diseases (i.e. head lice, flu epidemic).
  • Coordinate Hepatitis B immunizations for teachers and staff.
  • Provide Blood Borne Pathogen training to all school staff and certified personnel.
  • Coordinate with TCCHD and Roger’s County Health Department on communicable disease outbreaks.
  • Coordinate flu vaccine program for teachers and staff.