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The Owasso Public Schools nurses provide many important services.  Our nurses’ many responsibilities include the following:


  • Vision and hearing screenings conducted in grades PreK-5 yearly and those in the 4-year old program; screenings on request by staff or parents of the students in other grades.
  • Health history obtained on students through initial enrollment.
  • Employ the nursing process to make professional assessments of students who are injured or ill.
  • Assisting parents to select the most appropriate medical resources for referral.
  • Offer health counseling to parents, students, teachers, and staff regarding various disease processes, affecting student population.
  • Monitor medication administration and develop policy and procedure.
  • “On call” for all student emergency situations.
  • Establish Individualized Health Plans for each student with a chronic health need.
  • Assess students for substance use using the Nurse Assessment.
  • Vision and Hearing every 1-3 years for IEP students.
  • Completes medical procedures or provide training for skills requiring a professional nurse (i.e. gastrostomy feedings, catheterization, Tracheostomy care, suction, oxygen administration and adjustment, nebulizer treatments, intravenous administration of medication, assessing blood sugar status using a glucometer, assessing the need to utilize controlled medications for seizure activity).
  • Assist teachers and other students to better understand the individual with special conditions, such as diabetes, seizure disorders, respiratory disorders, and physical or mental challenges.
  • 504 Team Member
  • IEP/OHI Team Member
  • Train Para-professionals in health care for students.
  • Train secretaries, principals, and other staff designated to perform the task of medication administration and first aid.
  • Referral source for teachers, students, and staff for health education needs.
  • Train and certify bus drivers and their assistants, teachers, nutrition services, and students in CPR and/or first aid.
  • Infection Control @ nurses discretion 
  • Present classes for students on various health topics:  Targeting
              5th graders     Growth and Development                             
              7th graders      HIV/AIDS Prevention Education by STAY team
              8th graders      Coordinate STAY training
              9th graders      Drug Education/Prevention
              10th Graders   HIV/AIDS Education                                                                                                                                               Seniors            Graduation Requirement: Organize & Conduct CPR & AED Training
              OHS                 Coordinate Drug Education presentations
                                       Victims Impact Class
                                       Pregnant/Parent Class
                                       Tobacco Education Class                             
              Alt Ed.             Coordinate Drug Education presentations
                                       HIV/AIDS Education for student body
              Staff                 CPR certification for all Transportation personnel, 
                                       Nutrition Services and required staff.
                                       Drug Education for all personnel
                                       Bloodborne Pathogen education for all personnel
                                       Paraprofessional staff development:  diabetic education, medication administration, etc.
                                       Maintains and distributes medical supplies for all schools and offices.
                                       Staff in-services regarding Infection Control Issue and practices as needed.
Peer Education:  

STAY Team: Sponsor and teach peer education to STAY trained students.  
                     Students offer HIV/AIDS education to 7th and 10th grade and perform various education opportunities to community                      and other schools.

  • Coordinate Drug Free/Safe School Committee meeting.
  • Assist with policy development for Drug Use and Safety issues.
  • Coordinate Drug Education.
  • Work with community agencies for referrals and education.
  • Conduct Tobacco Education Class for students referred for discipline reasons.
  • Develop emergency protocols unique to multi-handicap students.
  • Develop policy and procedure unique to health services.

  • Consult with special education staff concerning students needs and medical records.
  • Serve as a member of the IEP team as needed.
  • Supervise and implement immunization laws.
  • Prevention and control of communicable diseases (i.e. head lice, flu epidemic).
  • Coordinate Hepatitis B immunizations for teachers and staff.
  • Provide Blood Borne Pathogen training to all school staff and certified personnel.
  • Coordinate with TCCHD and Roger’s County Health Department on communicable disease outbreaks.
  • Coordinate flu vaccine program for teachers and staff.