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Gifted Education


With the full realization that the kind of world we will live in tomorrow depends upon the type and the quality of the education of today’s children, and in recognition of the rights of the exceptional child, the Owasso Public Schools are committed to the provision of a free and appropriate education for every student within the local district.  Through this commitment, each student will be offered an opportunity to reach the maximum level possible in accordance with his/her* own true potential.  This approach provides for the acquisition of skills which will ultimately enable strengthened ability to function in today’s rapidly changing society.  Gifted students require differentiated educational programs and/or services in addition to those normally provided by the regular school program.  Unless giftedness is identified early and nurtured, it will be suppressed as the child attempts to “fit in” with his peers, and the child will not learn to utilize this giftedness to its maximum potential.

Our program offers choices which are jointly determined by the teacher, parent, and student.  The program will seek to provide an interactive environment for gaining insight into new areas and for manipulation and exploration in the principles, concepts, theories, and generalizations in the regular curriculum as well as interest areas.

Our program will view errors and mistakes as a learning tool the student can use to gain insight into why the mistake occurred and why it was a mistake.  Errors will be viewed positively, not negatively.

Our program seeks to be flexible in the type of placement the child needs.  Each child is given the best possible opportunity available for reaching the student’s optimal potential.

In accordance with various guidelines established by the Oklahoma State Department of Education, the Owasso Public Schools maintains a continuum of service delivery systems which are designed to provide specialized programs based on each student’s individual need.  An ongoing effort continues annually to locate, evaluate, and appropriately provide for exceptional individuals.