2023 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment: September 19th - October 7th

Employer's Group Insurance Division (EGID) Health,Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance FAQs

  • Will there be a Benefits Fair?  

    YES!  We are excited to announce that the Benefits Fair will be back this year.

    WHEN: October 3, 2022 | 10:30 am - 5:30 pm. 

    WHERE: ESC Boardroom (1501 N Ash, Owasso, OK)

    It will be a come-and-go setting with insurance vendors available to answer your insurance questions. You can pick up your Option Period form at the Benefits Fair as well and register to win a fabulous door prize - courtesy of American Fidelity!

  • Who will be at the Benefits Fair?  

    We have invited all of the insurance providers and hope they will all be in attendance. There will be a Medicare Plan Specialist available to assist employees and their family members with Medicare Supplement questions. American Fidelity will also be on hand to answer questions.  

  • What is Open Enrollment? 

    Open Enrollment is the one time per year you can make changes to your health, dental, vision, and life insurance without requiring a qualifying event.

  • When is the deadline to turn in my Option Period/Open Enrollment form or to enroll for the first time? 

    The deadline to turn in your form to HR or to enroll for 2023 is Friday, October 7th. Your form can be picked up at the Benefits Fair on October 3rd.  

  • Will my Option Form be mailed to me? 

    No. Owasso HR will have all Option Period Forms at the Benefits Fair. You can come by the Fair and pick up your form, visit with the Insurance Vendors, make any changes to your insurance for 2023 and turn your form into HR all at the Benefits Fair.

  • What changes can I make to my plan(s)? 

    You can add, drop, or change your plan during Open Enrollment. You can also add or drop dependents to/from your plan(s).

  • How do I make these changes? 

    If currently enrolled in any insurance plan (excluding Sunlife Life Insurance), you will come to the Fair and pick up your form to make any changes.

  • What if I am not making any changes? 

    Please mark the "No Change" box for each plan, sign on Page 2, and turn it into HR at the Benefits Fair. 

  • What if I can not attend the Benefits Fair?  

    HR will drop your form off in your school mailbox on Tuesday, October 4th. You can complete your form and interoffice it to HR or drop it off in our Night Drop at the front of the ESC building (1501 N Ash).  All forms need to be in our office by Friday, October 7th.   

  • Do we have to turn in our form even if not making changes?  


  • Who can enroll? 

    Any eligible (20 hours or more per week) employee can enroll themselves and their dependents in Health, Dental, Vision, and/or Life (application required) for 2023 during Open Enrollment.

  • What if I am not currently enrolled but would like to enroll in one or more of these plans?
     If you are not currently enrolled in any plan, please attend the Benefits Fair and pick up a blank form for New Enrollees.

  • Are there plan changes for 2023? 

    Yes. Plan changes and important reminder information are located on Pages 2-3 of the Employee Benefits Options Guide. No new plans have been added and no plans are leaving for 2023. Please note: Bluelincs is accepting new members for 2023.

  • Have premiums increased for 2023? 

    Some premiums have increased while some have decreased. Please refer to the Employee Benefits Options Guide - inside cover (those are monthly premium amounts). Please note: Community Care HMO has dropped its monthly premium rates significantly. Community Care HMO is in the St John's and St Francis network. 

  • Will the district be contributing to my health insurance plan for 2023?  

    Yes. If you work 20 to less than 30 hours per week, the District will contribute 50% of the employee-only health premium.  If you work 30 hours or more per week, the District will contribute $640.28 per month towards the employee-only health premium. If you do not enroll in Health insurance and work 30 or more hours a week, the salary-in-lieu of health insurance amount for 2023 has not changed ($189.69 a month for support positions and $69.71 a month for certified positions). 

  • What if I elect a Health Plan that is more/less than the $640.28 amount provided for full-time employees (30 or more hours per week)?  

    If your monthly plan premium is more than the allotted amount, you will be responsible for the difference. If the plan premium is less than the allotted amount, you will receive the difference in your check as taxable income.  

  • Can I add a dependent to a different plan than what I am enrolled in?  


  • Do I have to add all of my dependents? 

    If you are adding dependents then yes - unless you can provide proof of coverage for dependents you do not want to enroll. Exception: you can exclude your spouse provided they sign the Spousal Exclusion line on Page 2 of your Option Period Form.

  • How do I find out specific plan information/benefits? 

    Attend the Benefits Fair! Insurance Representatives will be on hand to answer specific plan questions and provide detailed information. We recommend taking these 2 weeks before the Benefits Fair to look over all of the 2023 Plan Materials so that you can have your questions ready for the Plan Representatives. 

You can also find more detailed plan information on the EGID 2023 Option Period Website.