Virtual Elementary School

During the 2022-23 school year, Owasso Public Schools will continue to offer virtual learning options for families who choose not to attend school in person.
Acellus is our virtual learning platform of choice for grades K-5 that provides grade-level courses that will be monitored by OPS certified teachers. It uses video-based lessons with cutting-edge technology to accelerate learning. Additionally, students will utilize iStation weekly to ensure academic growth.
This program will provide families that are uncomfortable with sending their student(s) back to in-person learning, the ability to have their child continue to grow academically while learning virtually.
  • Elementary students in grades PreK-5 who are enrolled in the virtual services program can complete 100% of their classes online.

  • The online elementary curriculum includes English, social studies, math, science, and other interactive courses.

  • Certified teachers will be available outside of the regular school day hours to provide academic support. Regular school hours are (8:45am - 4:00pm)

  • Students can choose when and where they will log in, the time, and the pace, as long as weekly progress is being met.

  • This is a semester-by-semester program. Examples of transitions for the spring semester:

    • In-Person Learning to Virtual Learning

    • Virtual Learning to In-Person Learning

Virtual Course Progress Map

Below is the virtual school calendar, including expectations for progress throughout the semester.
(Note: If viewing on a mobile device, you may need to rotate your screen to landscape to fully view.)

Virtual Teachers

Lori Jansen
Lori Jansen
Pre-K - 2nd Grade
Jennifer Villines
Jennifer Villines
3rd - 5th Grade
Trina Gardner, 5th Grade
Trina Gardner
5th Grade