Teacher of the Year

"Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together"

~ Scott Hayden

Great Oklahoma teachers challenge, motivate, and inspire their students to do their best; they make learning exciting, engaging, and continuous; they are respected by their peers as well as local school officials, parents, and students; they are caring and creative, seeking to enrich the lives of their students and build a better future for us all.
Owasso Public Schools honors teachers at the local level and by participating in the Oklahoma Teacher of the Year Program. All certified teachers who have completed the past three consecutive years in the Owasso Public School district may be considered for this honor. Each Teacher of the Year nominee is selected by their peers to represent their building at the district level. Owasso Public School’s Teacher of the Year is selected from a district peer committee based on a self-submitted portfolio as well as a live presentation by each candidate.

2021-22 Site Teachers of the Year


Bethany Kirkpatrick

Ator Elementary

Quinn Thompson

Owasso 6th Grade Center 

Grace McEndarfer

Bailey Elementary

Cathy Hill

Owasso 7th Grade Center

Sheree Delpratt

Barnes Elementary

Kristi Adams

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Owasso 8th Grade Center 
Rebecca Shackelford
Hodson Elementary
Kay Bratcher
Owasso High School - East  
Jason Demuth
Mills Elementary
Madison Brown
Owasso High School - West
Maggie Dye
Morrow Elementary
Jill McCormick
Ram Academy
Teressa Blair
Northeast Elementary 
Jill Nunn
Smith Elementary
Denita Hancock
Stone Canyon Elementary