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Mandatory School Closure

March 16, 2020

Parents and Guardians,

First, let me say ‘thank you’ for being such a valuable part of our community during these recent health discussions. These are unprecedented conversations and everyone is working in good faith to serve each other well.

This afternoon, at a special meeting of the State Board of Education, it was determined that schools in Oklahoma will be closed until April 6th. This mandatory closure will be honored by Owasso Public Schools.

All facilities for our district will be closed until April 6th, as well.  What this means is that no activities, club meetings, or any other staff or student activity will be held during this shutdown of our district. The reason for this is two-fold. First, we will focus on thorough cleaning of all of our facilities. Second, we want to honor the request by health and safety authorities to avoid gatherings of people at this time.  

At a time like this, it becomes obvious how active the students of our district are. Additionally, there are many special activities in the spring for our students - proms, formals, ACT testing, etc. We recognize that there are substantial financial investments by parents in these activities and we want to give you as much notice as possible if these events are postponed or rescheduled. We will rely on our principals, athletic directors, fine arts directors, and others to share specific information on these events. We would love for each event to be rescheduled, but we certainly are not in any position to make that promise to our students.

A priority to every parent is the delivery of instruction for their students.  This window of time when school is closed, is designed to focus on the health and safety of all the people of Oklahoma’s communities.  We are mindful that instruction for our students must continue and will convey messages about teaching and learning to you, as parents, as soon as those details are defined.

Our child nutrition department is mindful that children may need meals during this time when school is not in session. Beginning Monday, March 23rd, lunches will be available for pickup at our high school campus for students. The student receiving the meal will need to be present at the time of meal distribution. We will send additional details later this week.  

Parents, one of the greatest factors in a child's academic success is reading with a parent at home. Please make reading with your young children a priority during this time - and throughout their elementary years. It’s a gift they’ll unwrap for years to come.

When any decision is made by our district or leaders in our state, we will notify our parents as soon as the message can be crafted. Thank you for your patience and support of our community during a difficult time. Together, we’ll take great care of our students!

Amy Fichtner, Ed.D.