Last Day of School

April 1, 2020

Parents and Guardians, 

For your planning, the last day of school for students will be May 15th. Due to COVID-19 and the pandemic we are experiencing, our State Department of Education provided all Oklahoma districts a waiver for many traditional end of year requirements. Additionally, they provided a range (May 8-15) from which districts could choose an end date. We chose May 15th as it maximizes instructional time and provides times for students to work with teachers to bring closure to the school year. 

Here are a few additional details that I hope are helpful:

  • Distance Learning will begin on Monday, April 6th. Weekly lessons for students will be posted each Monday by 8 a.m.
  • The last day that lessons will be posted for students is Monday, May 11th.
  • Students will have until Friday, May 15th to conclude their work.
  • Final grades will be posted for students on Friday, May 15th.
  • Dr. Margaret Coates will provide additional communication for parents before Monday, April 6th, related to the district's distance learning plan.

It has been inspiring to watch your students’ teachers work to prepare for distance learning. At this juncture, it is tempting for everyone to begin stressing about the unknown. Two weeks ago, these were uncharted waters for your teachers and I encourage you to remind your students that their teachers are committed to helping them through this new experience. Much like when a child changes to a new grade level, there are new activities. The difference this time is there are teachers - familiar faces - to help them with this process.

We are aware that students are eager to get into their schools to retrieve belongings. Currently, that is not a reality. We will make every reasonable effort for students to obtain their items when we know that safety and health in doing that is no longer a factor. Our commitment is to keep you updated as we have new information.

Thank you again for your patience, your grace, and your partnership with your children's teachers. 

Amy Fichtner, Ed.D.