Virtual Learning

We acknowledge that our families would like to have an option to have their child stay at home during this pandemic and continue to be a part of Owasso Public Schools, therefore we are expanding our full-time virtual learning program for the 2020-2021 school year.
This virtual learning option will serve students in grades PK-12 and brings online learning home by providing students the ability to receive their education through a virtual learning format, while also receiving assistance from certified, highly qualified teachers. This full-time option allows students to complete 100% of their coursework online. This is an ideal option for students who prefer a smaller learning environment, one-on-one communication with teachers, and the ability to choose when and where they work on their courses. Parents of students with disabilities on a Section 504 Accommodation Plan or on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will want to meet (in-person or virtually) with their school’s team to determine which virtual program is the best placement for their student.
Because all of these processes are new to families, the decision has been made to allow families to review their decisions each nine weeks and make one change per semester. For example, if a family chooses full-time virtual learning to start the year, the family could move to face-to-face learning at the 9-week mark, at the start of the second semester or at the start of the third quarter.
Students can choose when and where they will log in, as virtual education is accessible all day, every day, wherever students have access to the internet.
Students may utilize school-issued Chromebooks to complete assignments if they do not have a device available at home. Online learners are required to meet weekly with their teachers to discuss progress, whether through a phone call, email, or virtual setting.
Grades (6-12)
Online curriculum for grades 6-12 includes all core subjects: English, social studies, math, and science, as well as a variety of elective courses, such as computer applications, career planning, and health. These students may also be able to participate in unique elective courses such as band or choir and the extracurricular programs associated with them. Curriculum is aligned with Oklahoma Academic Standards and delivered through a content management system called Edgenuity. This system allows students to progress through each course at their own pace, place, and time. All courses keep students on track to graduate.
Grades (PK-5)
Online curriculum for grades K-5 is also aligned to Oklahoma Academic Standards and includes English, social studies, math, science, and interactive courses like music and health. Grade level courses will be monitored by certified teachers utilizing a content management system called Acellus. This system allows students to progress independently through each course at their own pace, place, and time. iStation, BrainPop, and other digital resources will be employed based on student needs. Students who are in the Gifted Program will have the opportunity for accelerated and individualized learning. The PreK virtual program is set on a half-day format. The Pre-K curriculum is focused on life and ready-to-learn skills.
Parents interested in enrolling their child in this program are encouraged to complete the steps below:
  1. Review the expectations for families
    1. Elementary Pre-K
    2. Elementary (K-5)
    3. Secondary (6-8)
  2. Review FAQs for additional information
    1. Elementary FAQs
    2. Secondary FAQs
  3. If you want to change your student’s learning platform to virtual learning, you will need to contact your child’s principal and make this request. The window to make such a request is from now until Wednesday, October 7.

Parents interested in changing their student’s learning platform from virtual learning to face-to-face learning will also need to contact their child’s principal and make that request. The window to make such a request is from now until Wednesday, October 7.