Distance Learning

While we all know these are unprecedented times and school will look different, our teachers have risen to the occasion and are ready to partner with you to serve our students. Lessons will be provided to students through digital packets (PK-7) or Google Classroom (8-12). Students are expected to complete the lessons. The lessons are designed to keep students engaged in learning.
OSDE Guidelines for MAXIMUM student commitment each day are as follows:
  • PK-K    45 minutes
  • 1-2       70 minutes
  • 3-5       80 minutes
  • 6-12     30 minutes per subject/day (3 hours)
Students will work through the lessons and assignments on their own, with the support of their parents. We know that many parents and guardians are still working their full-time jobs or may have multiple children at home. Therefore, the lessons can be completed over the course of the week and will not require a full day of instruction. All lessons are designed to be accessible by all devices, including a cell phone. Families who have concerns about their student’s device/electronic access should reach out to their child’s teacher or principal.
Distance Learning Goals
  • Provide opportunities for teachers to connect and engage with their students. We want students to know how important they are and how much we value them.
  • Provide engaging weekly digital lesson packets that can be done easily at home with parents, supported by teachers.
Questions for Teachers
All certified teachers will be available to answer questions via email or phone calls for students and families. Teachers will also have designated office hours, which are posted on each grade level page.
Internet Connectivity
As we provide opportunities for students to remain engaged in learning, we want to make you aware of these resources
View important parent information regarding the Google Education Tools that students will use during Distance Learning.
When does distance learning start?
Weekly assignments will be posted on the OPS website beginning April 6. New weekly assignments will be posted every Monday through May 11.
Will attendance be taken?
Attendance will not be taken each day because students can be learning from anywhere. However, teachers will be contacting students regularly.
How do I request language interpretation?
Parents and students can use Google Translate to translate lessons into multiple languages. OPS still has access to Language-Line. Please contact the building principal and they will reach out to you.
Where will I find my child’s assignments?
Select your child's grade from the menu located on the right side of this page. Then click on the appropriate week and select a subject.
If teachers are not taking grades, do we have to do this work?
Although accountability is limited during this time, it is expected that students keep enriching themselves to maintain their skill sets and knowledge bases to carry them forward to the next school year and post graduation.
Where will grades be posted after May 15?
Grades for 3-12 will be posted on the Powerschool Parent Portal after May 15.
How/when do I enroll my child Pre-K/Kindergarten for next school year?
Enrollment for the 2020-21 school year has been delayed because our previous processes required parents to gather in larger groups than are not acceptable right now. We are reorganizing the Pre-K/Kindergarten enrollment process and hope to have that process finalized by mid-April or sooner. When details are finalized, we will share that information through our website, SchoolMessenger, social media, and local news outlets.
My child was given make-up work prior to spring break to raise their grade.  Can they still turn it in and count it toward their GPA?  
Missing assignments and outstanding grades may be accepted, but cannot negatively impact a student’s grade. A student’s grade can only go up. Contact your child’s teacher for assistance specific to this instance.

My child had a low grade in a class and turned in work prior to the school closure.  Do they still get credit for the work?  
A student’s grade can only go up. Contact your child’s teacher regarding this specific instance.
If students aren't required to turn in any work, how can their grades go up?  
For PreK-8, no grades will be collected, however through observation and communication with students, grades can be improved upon.  For grades 9-12, some grades may be collected via Google Classroom, but any grade received can only be used to “raise” a student's grade per guidance from the State Department of Education.
How will final semester grades be recorded?  
Final semester grades will still be recorded for your students. This is especially important for our students who receive high school credit. Colleges and post-secondary institutions (military, employers, technology centers, etc.) are all adapting their practices, as well. 

Where will grades be posted after May 15?  
Grades for 3-12 will be posted on the Powerschool Parent Portal after May 15.  
How will grades be reported for Pk-2 students?
The Pk-2 report card process will be evaluated prior to the end of the spring semester. OPS will communicate this process as it becomes available.

What about students that are in accelerated math classes, how will they be advanced the next year?
The accelerated pathway should include a student's current year math Oklahoma State Testing Program (OSTP) score to determine placement. With this year's school closures and the cancellation of all end of year assessments, all students who may have qualified had they had the opportunity to take the OSTP assessments, will be held harmless. Students who were close to qualifying and had earned 2 points on the math matrix in the fall of 2019, will be given the opportunity to take the pre-algebra proficiency based test (PBT) this July, 2020. For more information please reach out to your child's site principal or counselor.

If grades are pass/fail, how will TCC dual-credit grades affect my GPA?  
Students will have the option of choosing a letter grade or Pass/Fail for all TCC courses. If you have a question on how this might affect your GPA or transcript, please contact your counselor.

Where will I find my child’s assignments? 
Select your child's grade from the menu located on the right side of this page. Then click on the appropriate week and select a subject. 

Will we have to physically turn in work to our teachers?  
Assignments/projects will not be physically submitted to teachers. There will be no exchange of papers, assignments mailed or delivered to teachers or the school, etc.

How many lessons will be posted?  
One set of lessons for the week will be posted on the OPS Distance Learning Website every Monday beginning on April 6th.

I have heard that there is not supposed to be any new material presented for the remainder of the year, however, my child knows nothing about the content in this week’s lesson?  
Please reach out to your child’s teacher for instructional support or direction regarding this material.

My child is enrolled in an online Edgenuity course, what will happen with those courses?
Students currently enrolled in an Edgenuity course will continue that course online. Teachers of record and Mr. Little will continue to supervise, monitor, and support current students. New enrollments will not be accepted at this time.

I’m taking classes at Tulsa Tech as well, how will I continue my classes?   
Please click here to find information provided by Tulsa Technology Center.

If we have questions about an assignment or if it is being done correctly, who do I contact and how? 
Please contact your child’s teacher via email or previously established lines of communication.  Teachers have office hours posted on the website.

What’s the best time of day to contact my child’s teacher?  
Teachers have designated office hours, posted on the OPS website. A quicker response is likely during office hours, however we expect teachers to respond to questions within 24-hours. Frequent communication is encouraged, however, we do ask that parents/students not expect a response over the weekends. 
My student is on an IEP, how will they receive their lessons? 
That will be done in one of two ways: Teachers will be contacting parents, and/or the teacher will be sending the assignments via email or other established lines of communication.
How will IEP meetings be conducted? 
Through a conference call or Google-based virtual meetings, upon parental agreement.
Will students be able to participate in school activities?  
At this time, there are no activities scheduled through June.
Will there be a graduation ceremony for seniors? 
A priority for families and our district is Owasso High School graduation. This is such a milestone event for seniors and those that have invested in their education.  Originally, our OHS graduation was scheduled for May 19th at 7:00 p.m. at the Mabee Center in Tulsa. We are realistic, due to current conditions and the cancellation of all activities for the spring semester, that graduation as we know it will likely not be possible. Our district is committed to honoring our high school seniors in the most substantial way possible, even if that has to transition to virtual activities.  To say the particulars related to graduation are ironed out would simply be untrue. However, we are gathering ideas on the best ways to honor and celebrate the Class of 2020 and it is a daily priority in our planning mindset.
Will we need to buy any supplies or technology for Distance Learning at this time?  
Parents will not need to purchase supplies or materials to complete assignments as we know staying in your homes and social distancing is the priority now. We are also mindful that many families have been affected by the economic challenges this window of time has created.
We are all working at home right now, is it possible to do the posted assignments off-line or with pencil and paper?  
Printing of assignments from a computer is not required nor encouraged. Assignments can be done with a computer or with pencil and paper. If you have connectivity/technology issues please contact your child’s principal.
We don’t have the internet at our home, is there another way to get these assignments?  
Please contact your child's teacher(s) or principal and they will assist you with this need.
My children left all of their notes and materials at school, can we get in the building to retrieve them? 
We know students are eager to get their materials. However, the buildings are closed at this time due to safety reasons.  We are working on procedures to allow items to be retrieved in the future when there are less health and safety concerns.