Health Services

The primary objective of school health services at Owasso Public Schools, as provided by the professional school nurse, is to strengthen the educational process of children and youth by assisting them to improve or adapt to their health status. To accomplish that end, the school nurses of Owasso Public Schools believe: 
  • Healthy children make better learners; therefore, attaining optimum health for each student is desirable and promotes the learning process. 

  • Modification of the general curriculum should be made to meet the needs of the physically, emotionally, socially, culturally, and intellectually challenged students.

  • A health curriculum that is current, factual, and applicable to today’s living prepares students to develop self-enhancing, healthy lifestyles. 

  • A safe, healthful school environment is conducive to learning. 


Eight full-time, registered nurses provide health services to the 15 school sites in the Owasso Public School system.
All Owasso School Nurses have their Bachelors' Degree in the Science of nursing and as a group has almost 200 years of nursing experience both in the hospital setting as well as community setting. The Oklahoma State Department of Education certifies each of the nurses. As professional members of the educational staff, the school nurses provide leadership in the areas of health services, health education, and maintaining a healthful school environment.