School Board and Ward Information

The Owasso Public Schools Board of Education is responsible for establishing the policies under which the school district operates. The Board must act within the context of state and federal laws and still be aware of the unique needs of Owasso. Acting as the Chief Executive Officer for the Board, the Superintendent of Schools is responsible for administering Board policies and district regulations.

The Owasso Board of Education strives to encourage an atmosphere of communication and understanding among students, parents, teachers, and administrators. While board members are assigned to geographic wards within the district, the board serves all children in the district.
Ward Boundary Map
Ward 1 boundary is bordered on the North by 126th Street. Bounded on the west by 145th East Avenue south to 106th Street North then east to 161st street; south to 96th Street then east to 177th east avenue. The boundary then runs south along 177th East Avenue to 66th street. The eastern boundary can be seen on the map above. 
Ward 2 boundaries are generally the northwest portion of the district. Boundaries run from 86th Street on the south to 126th Street on the north, and from Mingo Road on the west to Garnett Road on the east. It also takes in two sections on the north, from Garnett Road to approximately 129th E. Avenue and from 116th Street (Highway 20) to 126th Street.
Ward 3 boundaries cover the southwest portion of the district, with southern and western boundaries along Bird Creek. The northern boundary running along approximately 91st Street to Memorial Drive. This district also takes in a section to the north and east.  The northern section bordered by Memorial Drive on the west and Mingo Road on the east extending to 116th Street North. The eastern section is bordered by 86th Street North extending to 129th E. Avenue down to 76th street then runs along Highway 169 down to 66th street north
Ward 4 boundaries cover the southeast portion of the school district, with boundaries generally Highway 169 on the west and 76th Street on the north, with a portion taking in the mile section from 145th E. Ave. to 161st E. Ave. from 76th Street to 86th Street.
Ward 5 boundaries are in the middle of the district, generally from Garnett Road on the west to North 145th East Avenue on the east, and between East 116th Street North (Hwy. 20) on the north and East 86th Street North on the south; also taking in a section between 145th East Avenue to 161st East Avenue from 86th Street to 106th Street.